Things Don’t Just Happen


Book #1 – Understanding The Spiritual World Series
Author: Bishop Dr. Amaechi Nwachukwu
ISBN: 978-066-588-9
Publisher: Livingspring Communications
Reprinted 2015
176 pages


Book #1 – Understanding The Spiritual World Series
Bishop Dr. Amaechi Nwachukwu

The world in which we live stretches farther than our senses can perceive. Beyond what we know as physical reality is the other side of the coin, the unseen world. This is the spiritual realm or the spiritual world. To the simple-minded, the term ‘spiritual world’ might sound so far-fetched and eerie that it could lose its reality and this is dangerous because, as portrayed in this book, the spiritual world is nearer and more real than this transient physical world.

In the spiritual, an on-going cosmic conflict is raging that influences the operation of curses, covenants and strongholds in the physical. It is an indispensable fact that nothing just happens. God superintends both the spiritual and physical realms. To understand this is to have the key to victorious living as we overcome the powers of darkness.

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